From a Google Glass App at SW to a Glassware Conceptualization Startup with clients like Unilever and AmEx


Guest post by Evan Luthra, Chief Innovator Officer, InARdia.

“If you don’t believe in your idea yourself or your idea why should anyone else?”

In Late November of 2013, I decided to take part in Startup Weekend Hyderabad. I was1
back in New Delhi and had until beginning of December to spend my time wisely. I recently also got access to a Google Glass , First of its kind in India. I had quite a few ideas for Glass in my mind and I am strong believer in the saying “If Its still in your mind, its worth taking the risk” .

So I brought a plane ticket and booked a hotel and landed in Hyderabad on the evening of November 22nd to work on one of my ideas for Glass.

Startup Weekend is a 54 hour event where you conceptualize, Innovate and execute on an idea of your choice. The event starts with everyone pitching there idea and then the Top ideas get selected to find there teammates.

I was looking for experienced Android Developers as I needed someone who would be smart enough to not2
only understand Glass Software Development Kit but also be able to build out an app within the 54 hours.
I decided to find a great partner who would be willing to bring something to the table.

I ended up finding a great parter in Shanker Deva. An experienced Android Programmer who was intrested in working on Glass. 
The Wifi like at any other event with many members was not working well at the place so we decided to move to my hotel and use the wifi there.


3During the next 54 hours we built , A Google Glass App that would allow people to share 360Degree panoramas. We had some ups and downs but all over it was a great experience.




Unlike most of our competitors who were building a B2B or B2C product, We were focusing on building a H2H product. We wanted to get a 100 users who loved our product instead of a million who kind of liked it.


We got a lot of market recognition for our startup and I even did a few newspaper interviews during the event.



When it was the time to hear the judges results everyone was excited!

Glass-Port ended up winning the second prize and it was a proud moment for the whole team. 
This opened up another opportunity and we ended up competing at the Global Startup Battle and were also the Most popular choice during in the Twitter Sphere.

Glass-Port was one app that was built in a span of 54 hours. Today I run and we focus on building a variety of Glass Apps and have developed partnerships with the Glass team in San Francisco and some of the worlds biggest brands such as Unilever, American Express and more. If you are a brand and want to come to glass, Feel free to get in touch.

If you are an entrepreneur with an idea and thinking about going to a Startup Weekend, I say do it. You dont know what it can lead to and its better than spending the weekend with your Girlfriend or wasting it on watching movies.

Best wishes for you and your startup.